How To Solve Cfc Not Found

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    Here are some simple ways that can help solve the cfc not found problem.

    I’m a new member, actually just signed up for a few minutes… So here’s my question to start with.

    Context: An attempt to use a specific cfajax proxy to access a component on your own cfm page. And then instantiate the region in javascript and call the new function from the component.

    Problem: Converting to this error… “The specified CFC Tpa.cfc could not be found.”

    I was trying to use the full path to a function that I can’t list for security reasons. I’m pretty sure the path is now correct since I was able to access the component directly from the tag. So make sure you are working with cfajaxproxy. I’ve hardly ever used this beacon before… anyone try and point me in the right direction and maybe help me fix this? Thank you in advance. Please let my site know if you need help, including any other information you might find useful.




    Jun 2, 2016 00:28:37 02/06/16

    in Mura CMS


    I was instructed to find the bug directly on the Mura site. I don’t train mura, so hopefully someone else can point me in the best direction.

    The error is that the entire ColdFusion component or cfc.utility interface could not be found.

    Explosive Sequence

    oUtility CreateObject(“component”,”cfc =.utility”);

    My question in a particular Mura installation is what physical directory above the directory structure would allow it to look for this ccc?

    cfc not found

    Is this an obvious stain after migrating a client to a new server setup? I don’t know anything about this site.

    cfc not found

    Thank you.



    Jun 2, 2016 12:34:37 ​​06/02/16

    in Mura CMS

    If home matters, Mura core: 6.2.6543, Mura site: 6.2.5026, Windows 2012, CF10

    Fernandez, Miguel


    June 2, 2016, AM6/2/16

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