Dreamup Error Not Found Ca Easy Fix Solution

Last week, some users reported to us that they were experiencing dreamup’s “ca not found” error.

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    05/10/2012, 10:36

    Please let me make a mistake. Certification authority not found

    -Flash did not detect AC

    View this



    05/10/2012, 13:54

    or watch this


    05.10.2012, 14:50

    Thanks for your help, I recognized the topic, but still CA declaration error err1:no Found, my Dreambox 800SE was created by Dream Properties GMBH.

    Keep using the method I described, you have an ethernet cable and a service cable, but this approach works.

    Can you flash the device?
    Or nothing when you press Flash?


    10.06.2012, 22:25

    Yes, I can set a high price, but cancel the download, done, ready for confirmation

    Are you sure the customers have the original Dreambox? Are you sure you have the optimal image for your model? LSS??? :confused:


    10.07.2012, 00:15

    Dreambox 800se is an A8P SIM

    dreamup error no ca found

    Which image do you want to support for installation? What modaz you installed the next one too? :confused:

    dreamup error no ca found


    10.07.2012, 04:36

    after loading AVATAR iCVS-image-dm800se-3.2.gbramiMAHER

    ok wamerhi1 I have the same for your past mistakes.
    Fasten it with a USB cable to the PC driver, use and therefore a different bootloader, then I can flash it in a new way. I am enclosing a Sunray4 box. Another point, I have cable connectors on the box and are mixed up … (the label on the back of the box is deteriorating).


    07.10.2012, 16:42

    AVATAR iCVS-image-dm800se-3.2.gbramiMAHER(1)


    10.07.2012, 16:50

    Thank you, I will provide cardholders. Specify the shoe loader version

    Hi everyone,

    I still have the same problem with Clone 800HD SE.
    Pressing the new power button on the front and turning the switch back on still shows the same error. Well, I can’t even start the recovery summary.

    Hi everyone,

    I have exactly the same problem but with one 800HD SE clone.
    Pressing the power button on the front and enabling the new button on the back still throws a single error so I can’t even start.There is a recovery process.

    Turn off the device, then press and hold the mini flash link on the back of the section and turn it on.
    It is recommended to get an IP address and then flash it using the browser method

    Hi everyone,
    I’m new to this forum and have no idea about DM800SE HD!
    I tried, but in vain! I connected it to the DM800 with a null modem cable (my box doesn’t have a USB end port)! I tried Dreamup up to version 1.3.3 according to the instructions, but in vain! come with the announcement of Dreambox and Dreamup 1.3. Do not you see! Honestly, I’m too desperate! Can anyone help my life? My Sim Version: 210
    Really thanks guys! Looking forward to your help!

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • Please help me, I got an error CA not found

    -Flash image ca not found
    Hello everyone
    I’m new to this important forum and have no idea about the DM800SE HD!
    I tried, but without a positive result! I connected the DM800 via a direct null modem cable (there shouldn’t be a mini-USB port on my box)! Tried this procedure with Dreamup 1.3.3 but to no avail! access the Dreambox display, and not all Dreamup 1.3.3 will recognize it! Honestly, I’m too desperate! Can anyone help me? My Sim Version: 210
    Thank you, guys! Looking forward to your help!

    This method works, but unfortunately you need a mini-USB port connected to an Ethernet cable


    07/09/2013, 16:06

    This method will still work, you will need a mini-USB port and an Ethernet connection

    My (clone) dm800hd does not have a mini USB connector.
    Can I use one of the standard USB sockets?

    Thanks. DM800HD

    Mine (clone) doesn’t have a primary mini USB connector.
    Can I use standard USB ports?

    Thank you.

    You can easily fix this error with a serial/null modem cable.


    09/07/2013, 16:53

    There are no serial port plug-ins on my PC 🙁


    07/09/2013, 17:07

    My PC doesn’t have a serial port 🙁

    than buy this see http://www.sat-universe.com/showthread.php?t=211783


    09/07/2013, 17:14

    My Dreambox has 2 regular USB portsa.
    Can I use one? Or will they not be “utility slots” as last mentioned in the thread you linked to?

    (I don’t plan to test the cable yet)

    My Dreambox only has 2 regular USB ports.
    Can I use one? Or is it not “utility slots” as mentioned in the thread you liked?

    (Now do not hold the cable to check the most suitable one)

    Yes, the ones on the back are usually fully functional. Some models also have 1 USB input, this does not work when using the Wi-Fi option.17:36

    Thank you


    September 07, 2013 for more answers.
    I’ll buy a USB cable and give it a try.


    12.09.2013, 20:06


    But was discontinued
    5 – At this level, you open a browser and even enter Romote’s IP address, which is displayed on the 800LCD itself

    My screen does not show any IP address. No matter what I try, I immediately get the error CA no FOUND


    But I’m stuck with
    5 — At this moment fromClose the guest insert and Romote’s IP address will be displayed on the 800 LCD

    My screen teaches and IP does not work. No matter how I try, the NO CA FOUND error message appears immediately

    Follow the instructions again to make sure you’re getting a null and ethernet connection.

    Also, make sure the remote IP address you are using is within range of your router.


    But bought in
    blocked5 – At this point, open a browser and set the Romote IP address displayed on each 800LCD

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