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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button
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    If you have error-based SQL injection – a real story parser on your PC – this article should help you fix it. Error-Based SQL Injection is a great in-band injection technique that actually uses special SQL database error output to manipulate database data. They can speed up data mining by exploiting a vulnerability whose code generates an SQL error instead of the required data from the server.

    Error-based SQL injection is an in-band injection technique that uses inference from SQL database errors to manipulate the data in your database. You can force sensitive information to be retrieved using a vulnerability that causes code to return a valid SQL error instead of server data.

    Recently researching a promising target host, I found that in well-tuned options (check only SQLi) active scan results, the option can be awesome for payloads vulnerable to SQL injection:< /p >

    Don’t suffer from Windows errors anymore.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • name=' -> Redirect page to /Error.aspx
    name='' Redirect -> to page /AccessDenied.aspx
    name=''' -> redirect to /Error.Page
    name='''' aspx -> /AccessDenied redirect to page.Aspx
    name='''' -> redirect to /Error .aspx Page
    name='''''' -> to Redirect /AccessDenied page.aspx

    This means that individual insurance offers are counted in the singular. The main SQL query is passed and is considered to be plural in au. What a promise!

    What is the difference between SQL injection and blind SQL injection?

    Blind SQL injection is almost identical to regular SQL injection, the only difference is how the data is actually retrieved from the database. If your current database does not contain any data about the website, the attacker is really forced to steal by doing the data, searching the database for a number of invalid or valid questions.

    However, my other tests of the sqlmap tool and manual fuzzing with Burp Intruder Fuzzing - SQL Injection have all payloads in Error. aspx< / code> page showing that all simple ' payloads such as AND '1'='1 or ';WAITFOR DELAY '0:0:5'- - < /code> it seemed that there was no exploit, or there was one, and it would be difficult to use it. Educated

    As part of the selection process based on my experience, based on the fact that the application was running on devices and iis had ".aspx" extensions, I decided to set up the processing of the main database so that it was also Microsoft SQL Server. could, since most companies using these technologies also use MSSQL (this is not necessary, but very common behavior) and define an error, j I thought that in the case where error messages are displayed, it could be sqli Injection-based error . But since then it didn't return any errors with verbose description it would be SQL injection based on a blind error.

    error based sql injection - a true story analyser

    For those who don't know, the '+convert(int,db_name())+' payload will return db_name as an error if the parameter specific is error-vulnerable- based on SQLi on MSSQL DBMS. The payload tries successfullyto convert db_name to an integer, since but, A dbname is a sequence of il, it is not possible to set and query return on the leaked dbname in error. Many examples can be found on Google.

    What is the concept of SQL injection?

    SQL injection is a code injection technique that can get rid of your database. SQL injection is definitely one of the most common web coughing methods. SQL injection is the publication of malicious code in SQL reports on a set of web pages.

    '+convert(int,db_name())+' -> to Redirect page /Error.->aspx
    '+convert(char,db_name())+' Redirect /AccessDenied page to .aspx

    Which type of SQL injection works on error-based or union based queries?

    In-band SQL injections are the most common and easily used SQL injection attacks. In-band SQL injection occurs when an attacker wants to use the same communication flow to launch an attack and harvest results. The two most common in-band SQL injection types are usually error-based sqli and join-based sqli.

    Instead of passing the payload as a character rather than an integer, the application returned to the AccessDenied page, which was generally fine for my condition as the confirmation request was sent without question. But what about collecting research?

    Can SQL injection be detected?

    In addition to automatic free tools such as SQL Inject-Me, various commercial tools can detectcheck for SQL injection vulnerabilities in web applications. Using such tools, developers and QA teams may want to find patches and vulnerabilities faster if they are exploited by an attacker or worm.

    While some methods encourage data capping/banning when collecting data about SQL injection vulnerabilities, Synack, in contrast, restricts/bans the product from receiving full payouts. So I tried to explore different ways to collect data. The out-of-band methods didn't work because the internet access was probably limited by the web server. Also, there was a 100 character limit for the for parameter, which basically broke long queries. I therefore had to somehow p Convert this predicament to a Boolean value or a function of time.

    During further research I found that MSSQL has IIF functionality, what type can be used as IIF(1>2,"YES","NO")select? code>. first If the operator 1>2 is possible, it returns the first transaction, which in this search case is "YES"; if false, returns the value of the client. So I thought using this function in a conversion function would make a boolean operator!

    What is Boolean SQL injection?

    Boolean is a method based onQuery SQL to my database. Result Allows some attackers to judge whether the used payload returns true or false, sometimes even if no data is retrieved from the payload. Moreover, it is a very slow attack; This will help your current attacker enumerate the database.

    In order to move the datatypes, I had a lot of issues that I couldn't figure out without research, and I was also a bit lazy to set up my MSSQL server running at the time. (SQLFiddle works fine in most permissive cases, but at the time the main app was also unavailable.) So, after playing around a bit, I found the payload:

    '+convert(char,(SELECT IIF(SUBSTRING(DB_NAME(),1,1)='A',3,@@VERSION)))+' redirect -> /AccessDenied to.aspx

  • Database information of the substring starting at the 1st character in length i and compared at the 'A' core if equal or not. Matches
  • if this is a symbol what l, then 'a' returns the 3rd house as an int.
  • The one with convert is "3", so the single character integer succeeds and then returns without error, which means the request is correct.
  • If avatar is not equal to "A", @@version is returned as a T-SQL function.
  • Converting @@VERSION to char results in a failed return and an Error (.aspx page), so the request is almost certainly wrong!
  • error based sql injection - a true story analyser

    So on a Burp Intruder that has this "Cluster Bomb" attack with Payloads role="button" as:

    This is

    with payload #1 less than (numbers than DB_NAME length):

    AND (characters #2 A to Z and 0 to 9 and some marriage characters like "_"):

    Some other additional useful data that might work for a data dump whenAdditional Manual MSSQL Injection:

    Main query for error-based blind injection: '%2bconvert(char,(SELECT Inside iif(substring((***query_here***),1,1)='d',3,@ @version) ) ) %2b asks the main query:-> buy db_name() 
    <- returns the current db name
    -> click host_name()
    <- returns the db name 'host
    -> Choose the most efficient 1 Table names from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.tables
    <- Returns the first of the information schema of the table
    -> selects the first name from the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.columns

    Download this fixer software and fix your PC today.

    What is blind SQL injection attack can it be prevented?

    As with conventional blind SQL methods, SQL injection attacks should be avoided by careful use of parameterized queries that ensure that the player's input does not interfere with the construction of the intended SQL query. Just to get down to business: use parameterized queries. Do not combine guitar strings in your queries. SQL queries

    Is time based SQL injection attack?

    Time-based SQL injection is a type of inferential or blind injection. An inferential injection attack is the origin of an attack in which no personal information is transferred between the attacker and outside the database, and the attacker cannot achieve results as easily as with an in-band attack.

    Which type of SQL injection works on error-based or union based queries?

    In-band SQL injection is by far the most common and easy-to-use SQL injection attack. In-band SQL injection occurs when an attacker can use the same communication channel to both launch an attack against a person and harvest the results. The two most common types of in-band SQL injection are error-based SQLi and union-based SQLi.

    Can SQL injection be detected?

    Various commercial and free automated tools, such as SQL Inject-Me, can detect the presence of SQL Vaccine vulnerabilities in web applications in a timely manner. Such materials allow developers and QA teams to identify and fix related vulnerabilities before they can be dewormed or exploited by an attacker.

    What is the concept of SQL injection?

    SQL Shot a is a code injection method because it can destroy your database. SQL vaccine is one of the most common web hacking methods. In essence, sql injection is the placement of malicious code using SQL statements in the fan posts of a web page.

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