Troubleshooting Fortigate Web Filter Rating

Today’s article is designed to help you when you receive a Fortigate web filter evaluation error code.

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    A rating error occurs when the Fortigate is unable to shut down the FortiGuard service and/or the business does not receive a specific FortiGuard rating (although I believe you will get an unknown credit rating error in this case).


    How do I fix my web filter?

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    Decision. This allows drivers to revisit websites in the event of a rating error and may well allow the FortiGate appliance to help the FortiGuard web filtering database if it has recorded the area rating for the website.

    When trying to pay for a specific web filtering service, an error may occur, causing the user to only see the message “Webpage blocked” when accessing the Internet.

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  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
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  • This can be caused by:

    How do I clear the FortiGate Web filter cache?

    Select System > FortiGuard.Scroll down to that particular filter section.If necessary, configure the settings: Web Filter Cache. Enable/Disable Web Cache Protection and set how long FortiGate locally stores and collects the blocked IP address or URL.Click Apply.

    – Assessing FortiGuard web filtering capabilities.

    – Validity period of the web filtering license.
    This is true even if your FortiGuard Web Filtering license has expired, but it will likely prevent you from accessing the latest releases of the FortiGuard service. To access Security Profiles -> Web Filtering, just click “Use Profile” under “Rating Options” and enable “Allow sites with high ranking error”.

    Allow sites on position error

    Enable this setting to allow access to websites that return a feed error from the FortiGuard Web Filtering Service.

    If your FortiGate device is temporarily unable to display the FortiGuard service, this setting determines the access allowed by the FortiGate version until contact is restored. If this option is enabled, users can access all websites without any filters. Disabled if users are not allowed to access websites.

    ActiveX Filter

    Enable restriction for ActiveX scripting due to heavy web traffic. Websites using ActiveX are unlikely to workEdit properly if this option is enabled.

    Block HTTP redirects by rating

    Many websites in the online world use HTTP redirects in some cases, and for good reason. Redirects can always be specifically designed to bypass the Internet, as in some cases the source web page may have a different rating than some of the target web pages.

    Block invalid URLs

    Select this option to block web domains if their SSL certificate CN domain does not contain a valid domain name.

    How do I bypass Web filter violation in FortiGuard?

    How to Bypass FortiGuard Web Filter Using VPN. To unblock your network and access blocked websites like Facebook or SoundCloud, just install a VPN instance on your device. You get a great secure and encrypted tunnel between the VPN server and your device.

    FortiGate appliances always check the CN field whether the solution is enabled or not. However, if this option is not selected, the following happens:

  • If the request is routed directly to the web server and not to the web server proxy, for categories or ratings of FortiGuard web filtering classes, the FortiGate appliance requests only the management IP address, not the website name.
  • If the request is sent to any webserver proxy, the real IP address of the webserver is indeed unknown Known Thus, rating claims courtesy of one or both of the IP data and the domain name are definitely unreliable. In this case, the FortiGate module does not perform FortiGuard web filtering.
  • Cookie filter

    fortigate web filter rating error

    Enable cookie filtering on web traffic. The use of website cookies may not work properly if this idea is enabled.

    More about Blocked HTTP Errors 4xx and 5xx

    How do I restart FortiGate Web Filter Service?

    We simply reset the web filtering service on our important Fortigate dashboard (by disabling it, applying it, then looking back) and everything worked again as a result. From what I’ve heard this has happened from time to time and a simple reset always solves the problem.

    Allow most Fortigate devices to display their own exchange message for HTTP 400 and 500 series errors. If the server is classified as a successful error, malicious or unwanted websites can use these error sheets to bypass web filtering.

    HTTP POST action

    Select an action for HTTP POST traffic. HTTP Do you see post, the command your browser uses when you submit information, such as another completed form or file you upload, to your own web server.

    Regular Allow HTTP mail command to be used normally. Comfort Use the client’s incentive to send slowlyuploading data to the desired web server while the FortiGate air conditioner analyzes the file. Use this route to avoid server timeout when scanning or filtering outbound traffic.

    The client security locations used are defined in the specific proxy settings profile selected in the prevention policy. See Section 34, Customer Convenience Settings for more information.

    Block Disable HTTP POST command. This will certainly prevent users from posting information on websites at file time.

    If a job request is blocked, the FortiGate building will send a blocking HTTP message to the web browser attempting to execute the command. applet

    Java filter

    Enable serving Java applets from web traffic. Websites that use Java applets may not work properly if this filtering process is enabled.

    Rating images by URL

    Turn on FortiGate to get custom ratings not only for websites, but also for videos. Images from a blocked category are unlikely to be viewed.bragging even if they belong to a site from a certified category.

    fortigate web filter rating error

    Blocked images are being replaced with empty placeholders on some source web pages. Image file types evaluated include GIF, JPEG, PNG and bmp, TIFF.

    Rating URLs by domain and IP address

    Enable for FortiGate Unit Request You can finally see page rank by URL and IP address separately, providing even more protection against attempts to bypass a specific FortiGuard web filter.

    If the rating is determined by the domain name, and often the rating is determined by the delay IP address, the action that is imposed is determined by the weighting factor correctly assigned to the various categories. The most weighted category takes precedence in determining the action. This certainly has a side effect: the action is sometimes almost determined by the domain name, and sometimes actually by the IP address.

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    Risoluzione Dei Problemi Di Valutazione Del Filtro Web Fortigate
    Устранение неполадок Fortigate Web Filter Rating
    Felsökning Av Fortigate Web Filter Rating
    Fortigate Web Filter Rating 문제 해결
    Problemen Oplossen Fortigate Web Filter Rating
    Solução De Problemas De Classificação Do Filtro Da Web Fortigate
    Resolución De Problemas De Calificación Del Filtro Web De Fortigate
    Fehlerbehebung Bei Der Fortigate-Webfilterbewertung
    Dépannage De L’évaluation Du Filtre Web Fortigate
    Rozwiązywanie Problemów Z Oceną Fortigate Web Filter

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