Best Way To Troubleshoot Linux Kernel IP

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    This guide is meant to help you when you get a linux kernel IP error. The kernel is, I would say, the main center of a computer operating system (OS). This is the base that provides basic services for all other parts of the operating system. It is the main layer between the specific operating system and the hardware that really helps with process and memory management, logging systems, device management, and networking.


    How do I see all IP address in Linux?

    Type ipconfig (or ifconfig on Linux) into the administrative line. This gives you, I would say, the IP address of your own host.Ping your broadcast IP address named ping 192.168.1. 1255 (may require -b over Linux)Now type arp -a. You will get a list of most IP addresses in your segment.

    /proc/sys/net/ipv4/*:ip_forward – boolean value0 – otherwise possible (default)step 0 – packages includedTransfer from interfaces.This variable is special, rethinking it resets the entire configurationparameters to their fallback states (RFC1122 for hosts, RFC1812for routers)ip_default_ttl — INTEGERBy default, the TTL (time to live) community for the outgoing path (but nottransmitted) IP packets. Must be up to 1 and 255 inclusive.Default: 64. Recommended (per RFC1700).ip_no_pmtu_disc — INTEGERDisable path MTU detection. If enabled in methods 1 andICMP requiring fragmentation became PMTU.The target will set min_pmtu (see below). You will needincrease min_pmtu to the smallest interface MTU on the systemmanually if you want to avoid splinters generated nearby.In Mode 2, the incoming Path MTUs will be Discovery messages.will be rejected. Outgoing frames are treated the same in mode 1,default setting of IP_PMTUDISC_DONT for each socket created.3mode is an important advanced pmtu discovery mode. The core will onlyAccept fragmentation related errors when it is normally the underlying protocolyou can check out a nice simple socket search next to them. RunThe protocols for these pmtu events are usually considered TCP, SCTPand DCCP as they are with.Association. This mode should not be left global, but itjust for back up and back up like nameservers in namespaces whereThe TCP mtu approach should always work with other mtu path information.Magazines should be thrown away. When you turn on the “Around the globe” modeit may break other protocols.Possible values: 0-3Default: FALSEmin_pmtu – INTEGERDefault 552 – Minimum path MTU detected.ip_forward_use_pmtu – booleanWith a delay, we don’t trust the MTU of the log path when they can be easily faked and successfully unwantedfragmentation by the router.You need it and enable it if you have user software which space.which tries to detect walk mtus itself and depends on usageThe kernel that takes this information into account. It usually doesn’tHappening.Default: (disabled)Possible values ​​0:0 – disabled1 – enabledfwmark_reflect – booleanNormally controls the fwmark of IPv4 response packets generated by the kernel that are notassigned to an output, such as TCP RST or ICMP echo replies).If not set, these packages actually have a null fwmark. Install when you have themfwmark the sentence they are responding to.Default: 0fib_multipath_use_neigh – boolean stateUsing an existing neighbor to place it when determining the next hopmulti-lane roads. When disabled, neighbor information is not used andPackets can be redirected to the ideal next skipped hop. Valid only because of the nucleicreated with CONFIG_IP_ROUTE_MULTIPATH enabled.Default: 0 (disabled)Possible values:0 disabled1 – enabledfib_multipath_hash_policy — INTEGERControls the hashing strategy for use as multipath routes. Indeed OnlyEnabled for kernel with built-in CONFIG_IP_ROUTE_MULTIPATH.Default: 0 (level 3)Possible values:0 – layer 31 – layer 42 – Layer 3 or inner layer 3 if presentfib_sync_mem – UNSIGNED INTEGERAmount of dirty memory occupied by Fibonacci entries that could previously be rewiredsync_rcu is required.Default: 512 KB Minimum: 64 KB Maximum: – 64 MBip_forward_update_priority INTEGERWhether to subsequently update the SKB priority from the “TOS” field in the IPv4 headeris transmitted. The SKB priority is represented by the value of the TOS priority rt_tos2 (see the usual eg man tc-prio).Default: You (update priority).Possible values:0 – Priority kitchen is not updated.1 – update priority.route/max_size INTEGERMaximum – the number of allowed routes in which the kernel works. increaseThis is when using a large number of interfaces and/or routes.As of Red Hat Kernel 3.6, this type has been deprecated for IPv4.Because the route cache is low, it will take longer to use.groan/default/gc_thresh1 – INTEGERKeep the number of entries to a minimum. Garbage financial institution is notDelete entries if less than this number.Default: 128neighbor/default/gc_thresh2 – if integerThreshold garbage collector is getting more and more aggressiveDelete messages. Posts longer than 5 seconds will be deleted.if additional number is this.512neighbor/default/gc_thresh3Default: – INTEGERMaximum. allowed by neighboring non-permanent inputs. increasethis is when using a large number of interfaces and large communicationspeers directly related to the facts.Default: 1024neighbor/default/unres_qlen_bytes — INTEGERMaximum number of bytes actually used by packetsany unresolved e-mail addresses are queued by other layers of the network.(added in Linux 3.3)Setting a negative value is meaningless and will return an error.Default: SK_WMEM_MAX (similar to net.core.wmem_default).The exact value depends on the theme and kernel options.but should be enough to queue 256 packetsaverage overall size.neighbor/default/unres_qlen – INTEGERThe maximum number of packets that can be queued at the same timenot allowedIt is to be processed by other communication layers.(deprecated in Linux 3.3): use unres_qlen_bytes instead.Prior to Linux 3.3, the normal value was 3, which can cause Boxunexpected loss. The preset current value is calculatedrelated to unres_qlen_bytes and actual default sizeCollapse.Default: 101mtu_expires as INTEGERThe time in seconds to store PMTU information in the cache.min_adv_mss — INTEGERThe advertised MSS depends on the primary route hop MTU, butnever go below this setting.IP fragmentation:ipfrag_high_thresh — LONG INTEGERThe maximum amount of memory for intentional reassembly of IP fragments.ipfrag_low_thresh — LONG INTEGER(deprecated, offered as linux-4.17)The maximum used memory is reassembled into IP shards before the kernel.starts flushing pending shard queues to free up growing always accepts new fragments for defragmentation.ipfrag_time INTEGERThe time – in seconds – to store the IP fragment with memory.ipfrag_max_dist — INTEGERipfrag_max_dist is a non-negative integer value that determinesmax.A real “mess”, which fragments are allowed, among which are oftenshared source IP address. Please note that changing the order of packagesuninteresting when a large number of most fragments come from one sourceHome IP while some piece of the queue is incomplete messes it upprobably indicates that one or more shards belong to the queuewere lost. ipfrag_max_dist – powerful extra positive controlis done with the parts before they are added to this reassembly queue – ifipfrag_max_dist (or more) pieces coming from a private IP addressAddress between additions to each IP fragment queue using this sourceaddress, it actually assumes that there are one or more parts in the queueLost. The already existing fragment queue is removed in addition toA null call to ipfrag_max_dist disables this check.Actually use a small value like 1 or 2 for ipfrag_max_dist.cause fragment queues to be dropped for no reason when it’s normalrepackaging takes placedoes not lead to misuseRepresentation. A very useful value like 50000 increasesprobability in

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