Why Is Fqdn Pool Not Found And How To Fix It

If the FQDN of the pool is not found on your computer, we hope this guide will help you solve this problem.

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    When upgrading

    any Lync infrastructure from 2010 to 2013, I ran into errors when I first released the entire pool of Lync Server 2013 Enterprise, which consisted of front-end three servers and therefore a new instance of SQL Server.


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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and click on the "Restore" button
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to restore and click on the "Restore" button

  • By looking at the resulting log file, you can easily believe that almost everything failed, as every major league of action where a point went wrong is also described as “Failed with Errors” or “Failed” . becomes €. Hence, is it important for your business (for your own sanity) to filter these things out and focus on the action point that develops the problem, often with the column of each “Output Execution” simply saying “Error – .

    Now back to my specific problem. The only line that gave me pain was trustworthy:

    A server with category “Microsoft.Rtc.Applications.TestBot” and fully qualified domain name “pool (fqdn).domain.local” has been implemented for a different transport layer security (tls). Target.

    pool fqdn is not found

    (During my initial research also I ran into a friend By people who had the same problem, although their error probably points to other “types” of trusted devices, the first and last parts, “error messages”, will be exactly the same)

    The error message clearly indicates that an entity feature for an Audio Test Service (ATS) codenamed TestBot currently exists and is in conflict with it in the future, which Topology Builder is likely to attempt to publish. The incompatible object here is the Active Directory destination associated with Lync or earlier Office Server communications.

    1. You had a new demo/lab environment that you just didn’t uninstall properly before setting up your new Lync production environment.
    2. Your previous Lync setup went wrong and you may not have removed all related traces from previous ones (just trying to reformat the server a little or something)
    3. They have migrated from previous models of Lync/OCS/LCS and have not left this particular path free of old (or “deprecated”) individual references to their instances
    4. Wa I may have seen evidence that this happened right after the SIP domain change.

    pool fqdn is not found

    Perhaps, there may also be reasons. The most important thing is to know how to fix it. Unfortunately, there is no “easy” way to get started – manually just find, remove and edit ADSI. The following operations should be performed unless you are truly aware of the use and consequences of misusing this tool, as it can be fatal to your Active Directory. Back up your system so everyone has something to fall back on if something goes wrong!

    If you’re still up for this challenge, do the following:

    1. Open ADSI update (adsiedit.msc) on Lync server via domain controller
    2. Highlight the top item number “ADSI Edit” and select “Action” -> “Connect To” in the recipe panel.
    3. A pop-up window may prompt you to select the computer part and or Active Directory context you want to query. At this stage, there are two possible naming contexts, and we also need to check whetherwhich one is the correct new environment:
    4. Context added “Configuration” to the general context recommended by Microsoft. By selecting and optionally searching for the “Services” container, each must find the other’s container with the “RTC Services” mission.
    5. For environments filled with OCS 2007 or leftover versions, it is possible that the parts you are looking for can only be found in the “systems” container. To do this, select “Default Naming Context” from the aforementioned popup and scroll down to make sure you have “System” and “Microsoft” – and it must be “RTC Services” there.
    6. Once you know where your actual physical Lync AD objects are, just right-click on our custom “RTC Services” container, select “Properties” and click “Attribute” in the list, which will show the name “distinguished. You are copying information. , which shouldFor example, look like this: “CN=RTC Services,CN=….”
    7. The next step is to export the objects from it (in a text file display container). Open command window type:
      ldifde lines and sie -d here]" "[paste -f lyncobjects.txt (including – but I wouldn’t say [ or ])
      This will export all “RTC Services” (and the container subtree) which will contain “lyncobjects.txt file”. Notepad
    8. Using or any other editor, search for “testbot” (or a link to another trusted server in the error message)
    9. In a text set, you will get the search result. As a general rule, attributes such as TrustedServerFQDN must be present in the TlsTarget. If you know the attraction is phony, boring, or outdated, pay attention to the specifics of the subject name ampersand – it will tell you the GUID format (a long string of alphanumeric characters with dashes between them).
      Not < br>remembersThat is, there are VALID references to the same service object, so make sure you don’t jump to the wrong object from here!
    10. Download this fixer software and fix your PC today.

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